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Evening with Beduins

Yesterday the electrician, Mathias, came to us and asked if we would like to visit some Beduins. So we went with him and the Omani mechanic (to translate) with a pickup to their camp. The "chief" invited us to their tent and gave us tea/coffee and dats. The "chief", sitting a little bit away from us his wife (didn't want to be on a picture, but really good looking like an "Arab princess"), another guy and one child were in the tent. When we wanted to leave we were also invited by other Beduins for tea and food, but we had to drive back to the rig, cause sun was going down and there were not really roads between the rig and the beduins. But next to the camp were the goats and camels of the Beduins that we also had to inspect.
The Beduins sometimes come to the rig or camp to get some Diesel, water or help if something like the generator has to be repaired or something has to be welded.
Tomorrow we go back to Muscat and are booked again at Holiday Inn. See you from there!
15.12.05 05:38

Business as usual ...

Now, the days became routine. We get up at six, get breakfast at the camp kitchen where two Indians cook and serve the whole day, you just have to tell them what you want and they do it, then we go by car to the rig site, go through the data we get, have interviews, take pictures and enjoy the sun. Oh good that I took the sunmilk with me :P ! I'd like to stay here for a few more weeks, the climate is really not the worst here in winter, the people are nice and there are a lot of opportunities to do something. But for every business you need an Omani as a partner ... that's the so called Omanisation. Every company has to employ as many Omanis as possible and every company needs a partner from Oman. It's to get all the Indians and Pakistani out of the country. I saw a lot of them in the industrial area of Muscat ... you could call that modern slavery. So, it's not really easy to get a job here.
This evening we came back to the camp at 6pm, we ate, I got the key to the radio operator room where we also have internet and chatted a little bit, then I did sport outside and now I am ready for bed ...
Good night ... I'll upload this text anyway not before Tuesday afternoon.
13.12.05 16:06

Desert ... but this is not bat country

yesterday we flew with a small plane of the petroleum company (PDO Petroleum Development Oman) from Muscat to Lekhwar, Fahud and Qarn Alam where we left the plane and were taken by a driver one more hour to the camp of our rig. In the plane were just PDO and Service Companies worker, the "airports" were just on sand and no town around, ppl left and came into the plane at each airport. At the camp we got our caravan and lunch. I went to some Arabs that made fire in the desert, they invited me for bbq Arabian style, sitting on blankets, eating sheep and calamari ... was really nice under the stars. And it gets really cold at night in the desert. This morning we went to the rig (around 20 minutes by car) ... and we will stay here until Friday I think. Then we'll go back to Muscat by car as I hope, to see some more parts of Oman like the big mountains between desert and coast.
That's all for now, some new pics are uploaded, more will follow.
11.12.05 10:43

Thursday & Friday = weekend

the last two days we had weekend here. Nearly noone was at the office so we had some time in the afternoons to do sightseeing in Muscat and Mutrah. The driver brought us to the Souq (market) and we also walked a little bit around at the harbour.
Thursday evening when we took a taxi back to the hotel the driver told me that there is a sportsclub next to the hotel. So I went there and surprisingly they played handball and I joined them. After sport I went back to hotel and was checking my mails there and met a manager from Saudi-Arabia. He was wearing this typical clothes ... and he invited me for a drink in one of the hotel bars. At the bar were maybe 20 Thai girls and some Americans, also some Omanis. He ordered a bottle of whiskey that we drank. Later we went by taxi to the Hyatt into a club ... and then back to hotel. That was really a crazy night, things are not as strict as they seem on first sight. This Saudi had 20.000 bucks in his pocket, for cases of emergency he told me ... has appartments in Dubai, Beirut, ... and has a master degree from Harvard. He told me that he checked me that night, gave me his number and I should call him in case I am looking for a job ... hum.
Ok, yesterday morning wasn't easy but we were at 7:30am at the office. Didn't have to do a lot there, so we asked the driver again in the afternoon to drive us around and show us some sights.
This morning we are at the office cause the week has started and in the afternoon we are supposed to fly to the desert ... I still don't know when and where exactly we go but the airport we are going to will be Qarn Alam or Fahud. They fly us cause driving is just the last solution to go there (in case they get no flight) due to safety reasons. But we are going to ask if we can drive back to Muscat to see something more of Oman.
Hmm ... ok, that's all from here ... maybe I'll also upload some more pics now ... bye!
10.12.05 07:06

Oman, 30°C ... and sun for the next 365 days

Last night we arrived in Muscat, the capital of Oman. We flew from Hannover via Zurich and Dubai. A driver picked us up there and brought us to the Holiday Inn where we stay until Saturday ... wow, we got each one double room, there is a pool and much more; it?s really not the cheapest place to live here... at 7:30 in the morning a driver comes, takes us to the office and brings us home when we call him. I can see the sea from my room and behind the hotel are the mountains. The sun is shining the whole day with acceptable 30?C.
Most of the colleagues at the KCADeutag office are Indians and Omanis, but there are also a few Germans. Tomorrow and on Friday is weekend here in Arabia ... but office is open. For Friday we plan to explore the city a little bit ... we have many 4x4 wheel vehicle available and just have to ask a driver to show us Muscat. Tomorrow we have to take a safety course at the Shell office and will also meet the supervisor of the rig that we are going to check. On Saturday we are going to leave Muscat for a week to be at this rig. It is located around 400 km southwest from here, not far away from Saudi-Arabia.
I think that?s all for the moment ... I am going to upload some Pics during the next days I guess.
8.12.05 05:50

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